We assist clients with a wide range of employment and labor issues from day to day matters related to human resources and hiring to the resolution of employment/labor disputes. We also provide advice informed by the latest legal developments to respond appropriately to the increasing complexity of employer obligations in recent years.


  • Drafting, review and negotiation of employment and labor-related rules and documentation including work rules, employment contracts, and documentation for personnel transfers and secondment arrangements
  • Advice on employment and labor compliance

Equity/Incentive Compensation

  • Advice on the design and implementation of stock options and other incentive programs

Workplace Issues/Disputes

  • Assisting clients respond to employee misconduct such as sexual harassment and power harassment
  • Representing clients in individual and collective actions, labor tribunals and other dispute resolution proceedings with respect to employment related claims such unpaid wages and unjust dismissal
  • Advising on matters pertaining to employee non-competition and non-solicitation obligations