Practical solutions for clients
Looking beyond the problem presented to us, we identify the core issues to be addressed in order to deliver practical solutions to our clients.

Our Mission

As our world evolves with continuing economic globalization and digital transformation, companies and individuals find themselves in an increasingly fluid, complex and sophisticated legal environment.
We believe that in this rapidly changing environment, clients are more than ever in need of professional legal advisors by their side who, while acting as independent legal experts, propose and deliver specific practical solutions with the best interests of the client in mind.
In our aim to always be the most trusted professional advisors to our clients, we will continue to pursue innovation in our services and team with a focus on the capabilities required to deliver real solutions.



In responding to the day to day legal needs of our clients, we will provide quality advice that will be effective in the field, with a view to supporting the advancement and realization of each client’s business objectives.


Our Name

Our firm name "IPAX" defines our mission to be independent primary advisors driven by the objective of delivering actionable and integrative solutions to our clients and finding that missing "X" to the equation.

Code of Conduct

We will at all times endeavor to realize the following commitments and achieve real solutions for our clients.

Professional Expertise

  • We will provide the highest quality of professional service to clients, maintaining an independent and objective perspective as legal professionals.
  • We will not only uphold our capabilities but also pursue excellence in each of our areas of legal expertise.

Integrative Perspective and Long-Term Relationships

  • We will go beyond simply providing legal expertise and analysis. We will develop and deliver added value to clients through an integrative approach that seeks the best for each client under the circumstances of each case.
  • We will go beyond short term or ad hoc interactions with our clients. We will seek to forge long-term and trust-based relationships by taking a client-centric approach.

Vigorous Advocacy

  • We will vigorously represent our clients to the fullest extent of the law in order to support our clients in pursuing their rights and lawful interests.

Growing as a Team

  • With an eye on the capabilities required to deliver real solutions to our clients, we will aim to grow as a team, sharing the spirit of a healthy partnership and emphasizing quality over scale.
  • We respect individuality and diversity and will value each member on the basis of each individual’s contribution to the team. We will at all times strive to be a firm with a culture of openness for all the talented individuals who join our team.

About Us

Established May 2, 2010
Taku Maruyama
Location Aoyama NS Bldg. 7F, 5-50-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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