Data Privacy/Data Protection/
IP Rights

Data Privacy/Data Protection/IP Rights

Issues relating to the management and protection of intellectual property rights have become increasingly important over recent years. In addition, recent trends in personal information protection and privacy-related legislation often have a significant impact on business. With an eye on the latest developments in laws and regulations and an emphasis on practical solutions for business, we provide clients with advice on acquiring and preserving intellectual property rights, examination of business schemes related to the possession and utilization of personal information as well as options under Japanese law for the lawful retention and use of personal information.

Data Privacy/Data Protection

  • Advice on the use of personal information in compliance with relevant laws
  • Support for the formulation and maintenance of a compliant privacy policy/personal information protection policy and related internal rules
  • Draft and review of various contracts regarding data utilization
  • Crisis management support in the event that personal information is compromised
  • Advice on cybersecurity related legal risks and obligations

IP Rights

  • Advice on strategic management of intellectual property rights including patents, utility models, trade secrets, know-how, trademarks, design rights and copyrights, publicity rights through licensing, commercializing, and financing
  • Advice on management of employee inventions including assistance with proprietary information and inventions agreements and employee invention related rules
  • Advice on special issues for companies in the media and entertainment business
  • Assistance with protecting/defending intellectual property rights in cases of unfair competition and IP infringement